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The flip flop (plugger, thong, or jandals) are an extremely popular style of sandal footwear that is commonly seen worn throughout the spring and summer months. While many people often purchase these low-cost flip flops almost yearly, most don’t consider the many different fashion flip flops and the overall history of flip flops.

The popularity of flip flops increase with women now that there are so many option to choose from, the flip flop industry of course could not help but to consider cashing in on the male footwear industry as well. Usually, when you thought of a man and a flip flop, you thought about laundry day at a University, or you thought about a man’s flip flop as a accessory to sleep wear. Slowly, many different types of flip flops began to appear for men. Their purposes served as comfort wear and as sports wear-because of course, with a man, everything has to be for sports.

The great thing about children’s sandals, is that they come in designs and sizes for children of any age or size. Unlike the kid’s flip flop, kid’s sandals begin its option as young as new born. This is probably because they are stylish, cool, and still protect the foot-and many parents can testify to the fact anything that an be stylish, keep their child cool and still protect them, is definitely something that is desired.

When it comes to the summer months and footwear, many people will opt to purchase a pair of flip flops or two. However, as the years pass on; you will find that even flip flops have begun to become more and more expensive.

Ladies shoes & Men's footwear

Perhaps some of the greatest things about women’s sandals is the ability to be cool, comfortable and fashionable all at the same time. It is a known fact, that normally women’s shoes are considered to be uncomfortable. In fact, women’s shoes had a history that the more fashionable the shoe, the more uncomfortable it probably was. This is not the case in come instances with a women’s sandal. Because of the fact that the sandal exposes the foot, a women’s sandal just about has to be comfortable in order to prevent any indications on the physical foot itself, that is uncomfortable.

Picture a man in a pair of flip flops. Where is he? Is he at a party? Or is he at a laundry mat? At one time, flip flops and men were only seen together in lounging atmospheres or on the feet of young College guys. Even the word flip flop seems like something youthful and fun. So why would a man wear a flip flop? At the present time, a man would wear a flip flop because it’s hot, and these particular pair of flip flops not only keep his feet cool, but just so happen to match the outfit that he’s wearing. This just comes to show that men’s flip flops are growing big in the masculine world of fashion.

Rhinestone and Bridal flip flops and sandals

Whether they are solid white, adorned with filigree, or if they have sassy sayings such as “just married”, “hitched” or “bride in training”; there are many different types of bridal flip flops for you to choose from for that big day of yours.

Flip-flops with rhinestones are the perfect way to be casual and dressy at the same time. We sell rhinestone flip-flops in all colors and sizes. All you need is one pair of rhinestone flip-flops to make your wardrobe that much more unique.

So you know that the a bride as a option of wearing a luxurious and occasion appropriate flip flop, but what about the rest of the wedding party. Just as there are flip flops for the bride, there are bridal flip flops. Bridal flip flops can serve the same purpose of the any other type of flip flop. The difference is that is still meets the “fancy” requirement that is at a wedding.

Everyone knows that flip flops come in many different colors. One of the most popular colors are white flip flops. The best thing about white flip flops is that they can be pieced together in almost any ensemble. White is a very neutral color; so white flip flops can easily match an outfit.


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